Miter Saw
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Gryphon Abrasive Miter Saw.


The Gryphon Miter saw is particularly well suited for making premium cuts in thin wall extrusions of brass, zinc, steel and copper. It has a very fine abrasive blade which cuts cleanly and coolly resulting in a minimum of flash.

The saw is used largely in the stained glass (for cutting the "came" used to join separate pieces of glass) and the automotive fields (for cutting tubing of all types including braided stainless hose). The saw is superb for cutting composite materials such as golf club shafts.  A large adjustable table provides settings for accurate angles. The chop saw design along with the built in clamp for the work and safety shield provide protection to the operator.


Simple construction
Powerful 1.1 peak hp direct drive motor
Large work surface
Adjustable angle of cut with protractor scale for repeatability
Thumbscrew clamp to hold work securely to fence while cutting
Ultra-thin abrasive blade provides very clean and quick cuts
Made in USA
Easy one-hand operation

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Miter Saw

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